‘Theme to Robinson Crusoe’

The first music I remember hearing? Maybe the theme to Andy Pandy, The Woodentops or Bill and Ben. Watch With Mother was TV for pre-school kiddiwinks from ’53-’73 and that was me at the tail end of the ’60s when Farley’s Rusks was about as close to an obsession as I could get.

My family was not particularly musical; my Dad played drums briefly and unsuccessfully, but other than a period of a few years in the mid ’70s when I’d obsessively listen to the radio with my Pa, I was just left to get on with my addiction.

Particularly during my teenage years, music had a profound impact on the development of my character, but there were a number of songs I remember from my early childhood which, when hearing back today conjure up lavish emotions.

The first music I remember hearing which had an emotional effect on me, is the theme music to the 1960s TV series Robinson Crusoe. I think I first heard this in 1972. I was six years old. I know I loved watching the adventures, but I have a strong recollection of loving the music even more, and was transfixed by the water lapping the shore on the end credits.

It sounded so sad yet so magical. But is it the music itself or the associated memories which make this still so unforgettable and inspiring? Well, I have no idea if I was a content six-year-old, so I’m not attaching this music to a particular period of happiness, although I’ve no doubt I was. To me, even now these beautiful strings sound like adventure, like a lifetime of hope and courage.

I love simple strings in music. Used well they can bring tears to my eyes. Maybe the theme to Robinson Crusoe instigated that love.