So, Melody Calls. I’ve copied a concept from Nick Hornby’s book 31 Songs which I devoured in the early noughties.

Music, beyond its beautiful attack on my senses has played such a huge part in my development as a child, teenager and young man that I felt compelled to chronicle my musical memories.

I’ve never been a musician, songwriter or shown talent beyond a decent sense of rhythm. But I have worked as a: Music shop manager, DJ, music website owner, music promoter, venue manager, band manager, rehearsal rooms owner, record label owner & Oxjam manager. I’ve never been so poor as during my days promoting music, but I’ve never been so enriched at work.

I’ve started with the earliest memory I have of a real, emotional response to a piece of music, and ended at the year 2000.

Why 2000? Three words: Simon Fucking Cowell.

If for any reason you’d like to get in touch, this is me…
Tony Foster