Doves – ‘Lost Souls’

As a person I did a lot of growing up in the ‘90s. That said, at times I probably didn’t act very grown up, but I’ve never given myself a hard time about sometimes partying a little too much. In many ways the ’90s was socially gluttonous and by the end of the decade the house scene was way past its best, Britpop was over and shit talent shows with shit judges were appearing. But, like a glorious homage to all that was to be celebrated as well as forgotten about the decade, Doves released Lost Souls, a masterpiece.

Since its release in April 2000 no other album has come close to the number of extended plays through my speakers as Lost Souls. The album feels like a ‘90s hangover, a beautifully reflective and euphoric comedown of epic, melodic proportions. Opener Firesuite lays it down; moody as fuck, dark and heavy with a deep, ambient groove it sets the tone brilliantly. The mood remains the same with the intense Here It Comes, and lyrically we instantly know where we are…

“This is a call
A call to all
It goes out to those who’ve been bad
And I should know
Because I’ve been
Yeah maybe once a week on Mondays”

Lost Souls contains such intensity, and a depth of feeling that you can just submerge yourself into. Nothing is hurried; everything rides along on a dense rhythm, thick with a warm, sometimes subdued glow. I’m already in deep by the time Break Me Gently does just that, and through to Melody Calls I’m riding that warm glow of claustrophobic tales on a sublime, faintly trippy groove. Catch The Sun is more direct, but no less intense, primarily due to Jimi Goodwin’s passionate vocals on top of a throb of rhythm and guitars.

The Man Who Told Everything is so beautiful it makes my soul ache. Goodwin’s vocal over the gentle, hypnotic rhythm is melodic perfection. When he sings of blue skies ahead it just breaks me. The Cedar Room is that melodic comedown, a hauntingly deep, dark and stunningly overwhelming seven and a half minutes, containing a chorus that stabs me in the heart every time…

“I tried to sleep alone
But I couldn’t do it
You could be sitting next to me
And I wouldn’t know it
If I told you you were wrong
I don’t remember saying it…”

Reprise sounds like the after effects of Cedar Room, like the music is coming to terms with what has come before and then it ends, seemingly smouldering in barely burning flames…

“Day after day and the life goes on
And I try to see the good in everyone
If I ever find myself here again
I’ll give everything”

Lost Souls is the best album of this millennium and I doubt very much I’ll hear a better one. Their follow-ups The Last Broadcast, Some Cities and Kingdom Of Rust were all superb, and if I were to carry on writing my musical chronicles would all feature as glorious highlights. But Lost Souls shines like a diamond at a time that the industry was about to sink into a cesspit of talent show bile. Just in the nick of time, a testament to the downfall of the ‘90s. The perfect album for the times.